Ducati 996
Ducati 996 Biposto Motorcycle

123bhp of 90 degree v-twin power coming from the 996cc desmoquattro engine. This is a race bike, pure and simple. It goes like the clappers and roars around corners like it's on rails. I've owned many motorcycles over the years (and own three right now) but this is without doubt, the best bike I have ever ridden.

I'll be posting more data here about the bike, it capabilities and I'll be updating the pics from time to time as we take off on various adventures over the summer. But till then, you'll just have to enjoy the pics that are here. Try not to drool too much!

Customising your 996
and making it unique

Biposto to Mono

General Photos
of my 996

Performance Bikes'
Suspension Settings

Scott Chens'
Ducati Wombat

Download my 996 screensaver

This screen saver is a slide show of 5 still images at 1024x768 res with random fade-in/out effects.
I placed a Ducati Performance logo in the bottom right corner of each shot.
The screensaver is free and contains no advertising or other distractions, it's just 5 alternating pics of my Ducati.

Did I mention, it's free?

Link thingys:

I've yet to add some more info about the bike's tech specs and what it's like to ride. If you can't wait though, why not go and have a look at some of the excellent web based Ducati resources, here are a few of the better ones I've found:

The official Ducati website Including the very useful Parts & Accessories Guides in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

The Sigma Performance website (who specialise in tuning and tweaking these bikes for real race performance).

If you own a Ducati, go have a look at the Club Desmo website. It has a distinctly Californian bias, but is populated by friendly and knowledgeable people - highly recommended!

If you're like me, and living in the UK - then the Ducati Sporting Club is another great web based resource worth investigating.

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